Our values and our commitment to the Earth and to living beings


For constituent shareholders of GRAL SC with the objective to develop hospitality activity that reflects our values and our commitment to the Earth and to living beings.

It's inevitable that we all leave our footprint on the Earth in each moment; but we're conscious that we can act to reduce it and for this reason we opened Brío, the meaning of which is ‘vivacity’ and of which we want to emphasize the ‘Bio’: life!

An organic, vegetarian, vegan and fairtrade tapas bar working in support of environmental sustainability and of economic and social sovereignty, respecting life in all its forms and expressions.

We use as much fresh, local and regional products as possible; we try to have direct relationships with producers and artesans and we buy from fairtrade market all those products part of our daily habits and and which only grow in the equatorial belt or in impoverished Countries because of conflicts and/or of massive exploitation of their resources.

We would like Brío to be a link between small producers, who daily work guaranteeing biodiversity and sustainability, and our custmers; a place of meetings and links between those commercial, social and cultural experiences that promote respect for environmental and human rights.

Fresh, local, regional
 and fairtrade products:
guaranteeing biodiversity
and sustainability

organic, mediterranean, vegetarian and vegan

Our menu

in accordance with the idea that other ways of production and consumption are necessary with a view to environmental sustainability and to economic and social sovereignty.
Moreover, about our menu, we try to garantee to always propose alternatives for the most common forms of food intollerance.

Also the bar's offer is thought respecting our values, with only organic products among which those of fairtrade, vegan alternatives, regional wines, craft beer and the use of fresh seasonal fruit stand out.