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Vegetarian and vegan organic healthy food
With most local and fair trade products. Pasta, breads and sauces made by us, and our homemade desserts.


100% Organic Drinks Menu
Juices and cocktails made at the moment. Great selection of craft BIO beers. Premium Organic Coffee

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C/ Pintor Guillermo Pérez Villalta 64, Local 4, 11380 Tarifa, Cádiz


Here you´ll find all the information abaut Brio

"We're aware that we can reduce our footprint on the planet, respecting nature and living beings. Brio is an organic and fair trade restaurant bar, with unique drinks and homemade dishes, prepared with 100% of BIO products, lots of them local, too."

Sustainible and fair trade restaurant bar

All projects need grounded basis, ours is sustainability [food soveraignity].

Your menu 100% BIO

We express our committment through a totally organic menu and pioneering in Spain.

Where´s Brio located

Paradise has a name, it's called Tarifa. Between two seas, two Continents an two Countries.

Seasonal, local and 100% organic

We do our best to use seasonal and local products, to minimize our carbon footprint.

Brio Events

Find the event that you like the most: Tastings, talks about food, actions with local associations and many more.

Discover your unique menu of healthy food and organic drinks

We are pleased to present a healthy offer with a unique menu in the area. 100% organic and vegetarian, with vegan tapas (and desserts) as the most part of the dishes. Through an homemade menu set up according to seasonality and local products. Without forgetting those who suffer from intollerances: half of the menu (or more) is gluten free (and all allergens are well labelled).

100% Organic menu

Try delicious vegan tapas and vegetarian dishes. Discover the intense flavor of the "panzerotto" and the fresh pasta, everything made in Brio's kitchen.

Refresh your days with seasonal salads or relish vegan desserts while you help the Planet.

Drinks menu 100% BIO

According to Brio's phylosophy, we offer you an exclusive menu of organic drinks, with microfiltered local water, spectacular craft beers, wines from different D.O. covering a variety of grapes, organic and fairtrade coffee, cocktails with seasonal fruit and bio spirits, infusions, natural juices...Better come and taste!

Homemade Food

In connection with Brio's values, we don't use ultraprocessed products and all the food is homemade and made with respect.

Healthy Food

We prepare healthy food paying attention on balacing the necessary nutrients in each dish.

Vegetarian & Vegan

Brio is a restaurant bar with a huge offer of vegan dishes and tapas.

Gluten Free

Thinking on your health, the menu offer gluten free options for all the tapas and for lots of the mains and desserts.

BRIO Drinks

Our menu is completed with organic drinks in all its variants. All our juices are made at the moment!

The essence of our kitchen are care and good products

For Brio's staff is really important to have good feedstocks available to make delicious dishes and tasty drinks. We care any detail and we chek the origin of the products, lots of them are also local, that ensure freshness, so appreciated by our guests. Organic cultivation is essential along with seasonality since we only use fresh and seasonal vegetables adapting the menu to that.

100% Organic

All the products we use are certified in the EU with organic or eco labels, as garantee that no dangerous products, neither transgenic have been used and the application of environmentally non-aggressive tecniques.

Local products

We look for the best products of the area to preserve the natural freshness and to reduce Brio's carbon footprint as much as possible. We know the origin of our products and of the sowers, too; maintaining direct contacts with small farmers and producers fo the area.


The whole menu is developed according to seasonal products; so Brio can offer you quality, freshness and variety all along the year.

So Fresh

We're glad to be able to say that we have a really fresh offer, We cook daily and even at the moment, ensuring that the flavors and properties remain intact.

Natural & Social commitment

"We believe in a sustainable world where we unite with nature and live together with the desire to improve and evolve towards a fairer planet for all living beings that inhabit it. At Brío our philosophy is the same that governs our lives, so we act consequently"

Sustainability & Plastic Free

Taking care fo resources

We try to reduce the energetic consumption as much as possible and we reuse existing resources in addition to don’t use single-use plastic and preventing, whn possible, our providers from sending merchandise with plastic.

Fairtrade & Solidarity

Impoverished communities

Our products certify by FairTrade are exellent and help small impoverished communities ensuring sustainable and secure livelihoods for producers.


Non-renweable resources

The Earth is saturated by products that can’t be ridded so rapidly as they are generated; for this reason recycling is so important. In Brio, we practice it in all areas.

Social Committment

Rights & Duties

As part of interconnected society, to respect the rights of the workers start fulfilling our duties, because there’s no better way than starting with oneself.

How to get to Brío and what to do in Tarifa

"We are waiting for you at Restaurante Brío to try our tapas and live a different culinary experience. We are in Tarifa, province of Cádiz, Andalusia, Spain. More specifically, our premises are located on the Paseo Marítimo de Tarifa on Playa de los Lances, known as the beach of Tarifa."

Restaurante Tapas Brío Tarifa
Calle Pintor Guillermo Pérez Villalba nº 64, Local 4
11380 Tarifa, Cádiz, Andalucía, España

Where is Brio?
How to get there?

How to get to Brío on foot

You just have to go to the Port and walk along the coastline in the Atlantic direction. Once you reach the access road to the island of Tarifa that divides the Mediterranean and the Atlantic, you can choose to walk for about 10 minutes along the Playa de los Lances or along the Paseo Marítimo that runs next to it and you will arrive at our local.

The previous option is somewhat longer but the most beautiful. If you want to get there earlier, you can stroll to the area of ​​the fire station or the soccer field and then join the Paseo Marítimo again until you reach Brío.

It is best to come walking along the beach or take the wooden path that comes from the Jara River and ends at the Paseo Marítimo. From that point to us it takes just 5 minutes.

How to get to Tarifa
by car or public transport

If you come from the area of ​​Campo de Gibraltar, Malaga or the eastern part of Andalusia, it is very simple, since you only have one road that you take in Algeciras. You can get there by motorway from Malaga or Cordoba, and once in the port city you must pass Algeciras and follow the small road that runs through the Parque Natural del Estrecho towards Cádiz for 30 or 40 minutes and you will have arrived in Tarifa.

From Seville or the Atlantic area it is also easy to get to Tarifa. If you come from the Cádiz capital area, you must drive towards Algeciras along the regional highway that passes through Conil de la Frontera, Vejer de la Frontera, Barbate, Zahara de los Atunes and finally Tarifa. If you come from Portugal, Extremadura or Huelva, you must go to Seville, and once there drive to Jerez de la Frontera and Cádiz to join the previous option. Or, from Seville, you can use the highway to Algeciras and from there drive 30 minutes to Tarifa.

By public transport you can only get to Tarifa by bus from many Spanish cities. From Algeciras buses leave every 30 minutes approximately and in normal conditions. We advise you to inform yourself beforehand at the Algeciras station.
If you come by plane, the closest airports are Gibraltar, Jerez de la Frontera, Seville or Malaga.

The closest train station to Tarifa is Algeciras.

Discover our place | Town Rate | Beaches of Tarifa | What to see and what to do

Brío Tarifa is located on the last stretch of the town’s seafront promenade, about a 10-minute walk from the center, which covers the beginning of the famous Playa de los Lances. Our magnificent location will allow you to enjoy the beach and our tapas or cocktails without having to use transportation.

With a simple style and in many cases using recycled materials, such as wood from used pallets, discretion and cleanliness in our premises are the general tone, marked by the natural green of the plants that are present in every corner.

You can enjoy the famous sunsets of Tarifa tasting our ecological dishes, both in winter and summer, since we have a terrace with direct views of Los Lances beach, under a wooden pergola crowned with a roof of climbing plants. that will protect you from the sun.

A haven of calming energy that will fill you with positive sensations and that you can share with your pet, since we are Animal Friendly and we will make sure that they do not lack water and even some treats in the form of organic vegan cookies prepared by our kitchen team.

Visit us and try our magnificent vegetarian tapas that you can only find here, at BRÍO Tarifa.

We highlight the Playa de los Lances in Tarifa because it is the one of the town. Since it begins on the Island of Tarifa, where the Mediterranean and the Atlantic come together. Therefore, it is the first beach on the Andalusian Atlantic coast in southern Spain.
It runs for several kilometers and is a beautiful white sand beach, very wide with marine colors that range from intense blue to turquoise. With crystal clear waters, its temperature is usually low compared to those of the Mediterranean.

The wind is a regular visitor and the cause of dune formations scattered far and wide, which on very windy days, help to take refuge and enjoy the day. Although the really magical thing is to take a long walk along its shore, reach the mouth of the small river Jara and get lost in its lagoon observing the small birds that inhabit it, to, after a relaxing time, return and make a stop at the way to visit us. Since if you arrive from the island it takes about 25 minutes walking along the shore, and if you do it from the mouth of the river, already outside the town, the time is similar.

In Tarifa there are many corners and places that will leave you speechless, among which we highlight:

TARIFA VILLAGE: Where it is essential to walk through the narrow streets of its old town, visit the castle of Guzmán el Bueno, go to the Island of Tarifa that separates the Mediterranean and the Atlantic and is the southernmost point of Europe and closest to Africa, and of course, take a quiet walk along its magnificent beach and come to us to have a well-deserved ecological vegetarian tapa, eat, have a coffee or drink an organic cocktail from our menu.

TARIFA BEACHES: Undoubtedly one of the great attractions for tourism are the beaches of this corner of Andalusia. We highlight the Playa de los Lances in the Atlantic area of ​​the town and which extends for several km. We cannot forget Playa Chica in the Mediterranean area of ​​the town.
Although outside the town the variety of beaches is spectacular, we clearly highlight Bolonia Beach, about 14 km from the town, which is always in the ranking of the best beaches in Spain and Europe due to the area that surrounds it, its famous Bolonia dune, the impressive ruins and museum of the Roman city of Baelo Claudia, or the natural pools of Bolonia. Without a doubt, a unique jewel that is worth seeing.
But the beach options in the Tarifa area do not end here, since at the end of Los Lances beach we find Punta Paloma Beach with its spectacular dune and natural lagoon.

NATURAL PARKS: Tarifa is a unique and very special place on this small planet, where two seas, two continents and two countries meet. The end of the known ancient world where the Pillars of Hercules marked the beginning of the end.
Surrounded by Natural Parks, Tarifa is subject to a particular microclimate caused by its geographical situation and orography. Where we highlight the Natural Park of the Strait and the Natural Park of the Alcornocales.
But there are also specially protected areas such as the Laguna de los Lances, where migratory birds make a stop towards Africa on their migratory path.

Tarifa is a small place but with a really wide and attractive range of activities. Although surely one of its best-known attractions is sea and wind sports such as kitesurfing or windsurfing, the possibilities are very varied.

SPORT: Known as the wind capital of the world or one of the most outstanding in the world for wind-related sports, kitesurfing and windsurfing are the queen sports.
However, the features it offers make it ideal for surfing, cycling, trekking, skateboarding, climbing, diving, yoga or jogging.
The different routes that run through overwhelming landscapes are perfect for hiking through forests and beaches or mountain bike routes that you will surely never forget.

CULTURE: One of the great attractions of Tarifa is its characters and artists, who, looking for a place to settle, have filled this small town on the coast of Cádiz. In this way, it is very common to be able to enjoy live music in the streets of the town or venues throughout the municipality, coincide with the African Film Festival held between the cities of Tarifa and Tangier, experience the fair and festivals of Tarifa, or visit some of its monuments of great historical relevance.
The multicultural art of the town is breathed in every corner, reaching to flood the most demanding hearts.

LEISURE: Proclaimed in recent years as the area’s leisure center, Tarifa offers a multitude of spaces dedicated to this issue. From small premises with a marked personality, such as the Brío restaurant.
The offer of nightclubs is very varied. Here you can find discos, pubs, beach bars, restaurants or tapas bars.
In addition, Tarifa is full of small shops where you can buy all kinds of items such as handicrafts, surf fashion or Tarifa style, and souvenirs of all kinds.

NATURE: Apart from the sports already mentioned, in Tarifa you can do much more than sports in contact with nature. One of its main attractions in this regard is the sighting of whales and cetaceans in the Strait of Gibraltar or the migration of birds that occurs every year, since this is the passage to the African continent.

As you can see, you can’t get bored in Tarifa, so we’ll be waiting for you here soon, and of course, come visit us to complete your experience with us.